Most experts nationwide agree that New Jersey is the #1 state for solar based on a combination of factors including the NJ Solar Program. We are affiliated with Prime Solar, LLC, which is among the experts that agree that NJ presents great solar value as referenced in the ranking of the Top Solar States.

We offer a diversity of products atypical of other solar companies working with manufacturers and through major distributors. Our focus is photovoltaic (PV) with information on various products available below:

As a solar broker, we provide an initial analysis or price on your home or business, a Remote Cost Benefit Analysis first, then we get competitive bids on installations, design and materials to do the shopping for you. When a team of experts conducts that process, the client saves time and money!


























































Although we provide services in more than ten states, we provide New Jersey Solar clients solar brokering services that differ greatly from the many other New Jersey Solar options available to consumers. Our Remote Cost Benefit Analysis, which uses various technologies, allows us to assess solar intensity, sunny vs. cloudy days, roof pitch and sizing with Google Earth as well as utility rates and the potential benefits of federal, state, regional or utility subsidies and rebates. All of these factors position us to provide a detailed quote forsolar installation on your property which focuses on the financial benefits; namely the return on investment and utility savings that are typically greater than the monthly payment for a New Jersey Solar Installation.  That is why many solar companies in certain states advertise “install solar for free.”

Through our Preferred Installer Network (PIN), we bid competitively on installation prices as well as competitively bid on and offer 3-5 panel options and other material options by brokering and obtaining competitive bids, contained in a single report that sums up the many available options.




















































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